Under what circumstances could a person be saved without baptism? How do you explain the fact that being baptized seems to change some people's lives very little, if at all? What is a good reason for being rebaptized?

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Yes. I believe that you can go to heaven without baptism, because God said all we need to get to heaven is for us to believe that jesus is real and he is the one true God. Thanks Dana
Yes, i believe that is are saved you will go to heaven and if you believe that Jesus will forgive you for your sins and believe that he is the only real God.
I believe that you can get to heaven without getting baptised, because the theif on the cross was never baptised and Jesus promised him that he would still get to heaven even though he wasn't baptised. I still believe that batism is important though and that if you have the oppertunity to get baprised you should take it, it is important to God that you are, but i don't think that Jesus will hold it against you if you are not able to get baptised.
well, im not really sure how to answer this question. maybe its cause i dont really seem to understand the ?. but i think that once u love the Lord u want to proclaim show everyone how much u love God. a good reason for being babtized would prbly be cause u want to follow God's example and to show others how much u love Jesus. i dont think that babtizem changes peoples lives, cause u can get babtized just for the heck of it. i think its God workin through u. i think in order to get babtized u have to feel gods love and presence in ur heart. He is the onle one that can change ur life. not any actrion that u take or somethig u do. cause its all about God. He is the onle one who can change u. and He is the one who leads u to makin the choice of gettin babtized. thats it. thats wat i think
amy b.
I don't really know. But i think that God will give everyone chances to prove themselves that they are good enough to go to heaven. Though some people was baptized, but they did bad things , i thinks they are not allowed to go to heaven. i thinks the main thing is about being good and believe in him. i think being baptized it means that you give God all of your heart and soul. And people that don't give him all their faith, i thinks it worst than not being baptized but believe in him.
Under what circumstances could a person be saved without baptism?

When you are baptized you are free of sin. i think that you can go to heaven even if you are not baptized. well that is only what i think!

How do you explain the fact that being baptized seems to change some people's lives very little, if at all?

i think this happens only if you realy want your life to change , if you realy belive in God, if you have faith anf want a change in you life. but baptism does not make that happen it is your faith you have for God is what makes your life change.

What is a good reason for being rebaptized?

the reason you are getting baptized is to know more about God

<3 YvEtTe VaSqUeZ ")
I think people can go to Heaven even if they aren't baptized, because if they love God, and if they do believe in God, even if they don't get baptized, their heart is still in the right place, and God knows that, so i think that they would still make it to Heaven... I think that being baptized is just a symbol to people that you have excepted God, you are a believer... i don't really think that baptism "changes" your life, to say. When i was little i thought that when you got baptized you would automatically feel something special like a sparkle, or a really clean feeling, but when i finally got baptized, i didn't. When i was done with my baptism, i didn't feel any different then before i got baptized... But i have heard from other people that when they got baptized, they had this magic like feeling, and that when they got out of the water they just felt GREAT and totally clean.... but i myself and a couple of my friends also say that they didn't have any special feelings when they were done... There are a couple reasons for someone to be re baptized. Like umm, my dad for example, he was baptized a couple years ago, and then he disobeyed the commandments, to be specific he broke like literally all the commandments, adultery, not obeying his parents, remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy, Though shall love your neighbor as yourself, ect. but now, he is thinking about asking God for his forgiveness, and getting re baptized, hoping to show the church and everyone else that he still loves God and has re accepted God as his Savior... But there are many more reasons for getting re baptized, if you feel you have sinned, and people agree with you, and then you don't know what else to do, and you have re accepted God, i think it is OK for you to get re baptized...

Love Ya.
I do think that people know god just as the same as a person who is batized. So i woluld have to say yes.

I think that people who get baptized are doing the right thing. But the qustion is are they only doing to get closer to God or are they just doing this so people will respect thim or to just get some attintion in there lives? I dont know but if they are doing this to get to know God better/more thin that is the right thing to do and it will change there lives in a diffrent way but not in a bad way a good/better way.

I think if you fall away from God then that is a good reason to be rebatized. Well if you do/did some wrong and want to go back to God thin thats another reason to too. I think its good to get rebatized if you get away from God.
Well I am saved and I am not baptised, so i believe that you can get to heaven without being baptised. I think that being baptised is a good thing to do and that you can change peoples life and yours. You could witness to another person by being baptised. I think a good reson for being rebaptized is if you belive something different than you belived in the first baptism. Dana
If you believe that it does nor matter whether you are baptized or not. people believe that being baptized is just a way to show that you really are serious about being a Christian and it doesnt affect their lives. If you were not living right and believed that you needed to be rebaptized to start over again with God.
I am not so sure about the first question. But i think that some could go to heaven if they really believe in God i think that God would except that and the person would have eternal life with God. Well if it only changed the lives of people a little bit then that person did really take this so serious and didn't want to leave the world behind and they wanted to be with God and with the world but you can't do that they have to be with God or with the world. I really don't know what is a good reason for being rebaptized? Maybe if the first time you didn't see that you were really serious about having a relationship with God and so this time they want to have a serious relationship with God this time and this time they really want to give up their sins to Jesus and not have anything to do with the sins they had..
Well it depends on how much you love God and how much you want to follow in His ways.




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