Don't worry I'm not requesting or asking for anything.  Just something that has happened at my church recently.  On Wednesday and Friday nights we have been visited by 3 men, with a very similar story.  They all claim to have a dissability of some sort and that they need money.  At first we understood and gave them a dollar or two.  But now, we don't really think they are being straight with us.  One walks in with a sign saying that he is deaf and needs money.  The other says that he is homeless and currently living in a shelter with his two kids.  I forget the story of the 3rd man's story. Nonetheless they walk in randomly and ask for money, sometimes in mid sermon.  Anyways the second man, aka "Homeless Dad" is very rude.  If you give him a dollar he looks in your wallet and says, "Why don't you give me that 20?"  He also goes into an angry rant calling the church and its members hypocrites, saying that its our job to help the needy.  Well that is true, however this man is very well dressed.  Brand name sneakers, jeans, sweaters, etc.  And by all means we are helping him, he just wants more.  The head Deacon says that "Homeless Dad" once showed up drunk to our church asking for money. I wasn't there that day so I don't know how true the statement is. 

   So my question is, What should our church do about these men?  Should we continue giving them our money?    Or should we stop cold turkey?  I would suggest giving them food, but not sure if the church would approve that, or if the men would accept it instead of cash.

Anyways tell me what you think.

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Well, you might try giving them christian literature maybe it may change their hearts and they may accept Jesus as their personal Savior
you have people like these every where, it is better to give them food even though many of them say they prefer the money. i have seen where a man was begging money to buy food and a friend of mine gave him food and he took the food and threw it in the garbage bin. i know everyone is not the same but i would think it is better to give them the food because many of them want it to buy liquor and or drugs. Some genuinely need the money but not all. we just have to see the need and if you have it you can give it, if they are not genuine let God be the judge.
Me and people in my family never give people like that money, because there's always the risk that they'll waste it on booze (even if they don't plan to) or are lying about their situation. We give them food. My church's youth pastor has also let someone who was addicted to alcohol live in his house for a while and has helped him out that way, helping the guy manage the government assistance money he received since the man knew he would likely spend his own money to buy alcohol.

So my advice would be don't give homeless (etc) people money. Give them food, shelter, spiritual food. I've heard a lot of stories about people giving food or something like that to someone asking for money, and the beggar rejecting the food, making up some excuse, etc., showing that they don't really want to have their needs met, just money to spend it however they want (often on alcohol).
hey, if you want my advice, try the giving them food, if they are not grateful for that...i say drop them. it's sad but some people are homeless, not because they have had hard times, it's because they drank all their money, it's sad but it's true. that christian literature is a good thing too, maybe invite one of them, just one at a time, over to your house and talk with them personally. If anything, that will make a friend.
The best way probably is to talk to them to find out what they need. I'm sure some of them need money-to buy food, clothes and etc.




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